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Our experienced in-house team of technical consultants will help transform your existing application landscape through the delivery of purpose-built applications.

Power Apps and custom web applications

Given the integrated and inclusive nature of the Power Platform, our preference when developing applications is to leverage Power Apps and Power Automate, especially as most businesses have already invested in the Microsoft 365 offering.

Power Apps and Automate are both low-code/no-code platforms which enable our team to utilise shared resources in Microsoft 365 such as Azure AD, SharePoint lists and DataVerse.

There are two options when building Power Apps:

  • Canvas Apps: Highly visual and geared mainly towards devices such as mobiles and tablets.
  • Model-driven Apps: More process and data-driven like Dynamics Forms.

Through the use of Power Automate, workflows and tasks can be automated across multiple applications and services making use of hundreds of connectors. By utilising Power Apps, businesses follow a standardised approach that helps them achieve increased flexibility and the potential for future adaption.

It also allows for seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 and Azure services, whilst delivering an engaging user experience for those using the application.

Where Power Apps are unsuitable due to the business case, we recommend a Custom Web Development route utilising a smart blend of leading and industry standard development toolkits to enhance the Microsoft offering. This option gives businesses complete control over the interface and customer experience, whilst offering a flexible and more extensive offline working capability.

These browser-based Custom Web applications are usually more suited towards public facing or external users as no login into Microsoft 365 or software licencing is required.


A simple yet effective approach to Application Development


In a bid to modernise internal processes, many businesses have introduced a wide-range of cloud-based applications to satisfy departmental needs. In other cases, legacy solutions or Excel spreadsheets that rely heavily on manual input are being utilised to help organisations keep track of their data.

However, fragmented applications and spreadsheets do a lot more harm than good, as operational efficiency is hindered and decision-making is slowed without a company-wide applications strategy. In fact, many of the applications that businesses actively use are unsupported which could also have serious consequences for data security.

Whilst on the surface, individual applications may appear to be working well, in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth when viewing your applications landscape as a whole.

Without a cohesive strategy, it becomes difficult to share data and streamline processes, whilst manual data entry across multiple systems creates inefficiencies and increases the chance of errors. Ultimately, this leads to lost productivity and missed opportunities, as a culture of siloed applications restricts your ability to share and use data effectively.

By 2025, it is projected that businesses will be using an average of 129 applications to run their operations, so it is critical that you take stock of the current situation, developing an application strategy that will help you reorganise your approach. Our team has extensive experience developing applications that satisfy your business’ unique needs and requirements – get in touch to book a free 1 hour consultation.

Applications strategy engagement

As well as building bespoke applications, our team of in-house consultants will provide a strategic review of your existing application landscape, utilising our tried and tested approach to Application Development.

Also known as a Digital Transformation, our team will take a data-centric approach to analyse your landscape, including Excel, legacy applications and other tools to identify key process flows.

Our strategy focuses on providing a centralised, controlled and secure application data store responsible for delivering predictable and consistent business outcomes. These recommendations can be integrated with your existing business solutions such as payroll, finance, CRM and ERP systems, ensuring there are minimal disruptions to your ongoing operations.

Once this review is complete, we propose an achievable roadmap for a suite of tools to manage business processes, allowing your business to enjoy greater efficiency, accuracy and agility – a strategy that will enable you to achieve your long-term Application Development goals.

Application Development Positioning

Why choose Circyl as your Application Development consultants?

Below are just some of the reasons why we believe you should choose us to assist with your application development.

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Established Microsoft Partner

We are a fully certified Microsoft Partner, which allows us to offer high quality expertise on Microsoft product offerings.

Unmatched Application Development expertise

Our team combines a wide range of experience across IT, data management and customer experience to deliver a high-quality client service.

Consultative Service

Our Application Development service will help deliver purpose-built applications that have been tailored to your business’ needs and objectives.

Fast project delivery

Our team will develop applications as quickly as possible with disruption to your business operations kept at a minimum.

Excellent customer service and managed support

We consistently receive outstanding client feedback for our project work and services. Just read our testimonials and client case studies to find out more.

Clear and easy-to-follow advice

We explain how to improve your existing application landscape in a language that is easy to understand and without the technical jargon.

Widely trusted across multiple industries

Our rich sector experience helps us understand the needs and challenges of various workforces and helps us design a process that works with your team’s workflow and deadlines.

Key benefits of using Microsoft Power Apps


Simplified development process

Rather than following a laborious process, Power Apps allows new applications to be imagined, produced and disseminated with ease.


Data connectivity

Microsoft Power Apps connectors can help your application connect with the appropriate resources, increasing its functionality in the process.


Mobile friendly

Power Apps enables businesses to develop mobile friendly apps that can be used and accessed remotely.


Speed of delivery

Power Apps substitutes several time-consuming components of the traditional development and deployment process.


Straightforward coding

Power Apps allows you to drag and drop most of the coding, as the service manages all of the regular overheads that go into Application Development.


Power Automate

Power Apps is pre-configured to work with Power Automate, allowing processes and data sources to be linked so that users have access to a single version of the truth.



Businesses that have already invested in Microsoft 365 will have access to Power Apps and can begin the development process immediately.


Customisation capabilities

Businesses can take advantage of Power Apps’ customisation features to develop an app with the appropriate theming and branding.



As part of the Power Platform, applications integrate with other key Microsoft 365 platforms that your company relies on.

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Key benefits of developing Custom Web Apps


Highly accessible

Custom Web Apps can be accessed from anywhere in the world, allowing users in different countries to access the services you provide.


Easy to deploy

Once set up to your personal specifications, it can be deployed and accessed by users through a URL.


Enhanced security

With full responsibility for your bespoke application, you can ensure the necessary controls are in place.


Streamline processes

Custom Web Apps make it easy for users to share data and collaborate as cloud-powered workflows replace laborious processes.


Self-service options

Users can interact with your application to complete tasks they would otherwise need to speak to someone about.


Offline capabilities

Custom Web Apps can be used offline, ensuring important work and information is accounted for.


Flexible and scalable

New features and functionality can be added with ease, whilst cloud servers allow you to increase computing capacity and storage.


Control over the user journey

Custom Web Apps are highly customisable, allowing you to take responsibility for every aspect of the user journey.


No Microsoft licensing costs

There are no Microsoft licensing costs attached to the development of Custom Web Apps. 

Industries we specialise in

We are proud to have worked with a wide range of clients across various industry sectors. Here is a glimpse of some of the sectors that we have supported.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Retail & Consumer Goods


Leisure & Hospitality

Financial Services




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Application Development Case Studies


Circyl build upon a strong relationship by delivering a sophisticated document transmittal solution


Organisational Change Management simplified through the implementation of a sophisticated PowerApps solution


Enhancing document management processes through the delivery of a sophisticated SharePoint document transmittal solution


Circyl help Converse Pharma move from legacy system to flexible cloud-based solution


The Technologies we use for Application Development

Microsoft Power Platform


Custom Web Applications


About Circyl

We are leading Application Development consultants that help clients across the UK organise their application landscapes whilst improving their collaborative processes and ways of working.

Founded in the West Midlands in 2017, we deliver a wide range of digital transformation projects that drive better insights, integrated applications and automated business workflow through the adoption of Microsoft technologies. We are a certified Microsoft Partner and HM Government G-Cloud supplier.

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