Award-winning construction company, Beard, are the latest client to benefit from Circyl’s expertise, as they look to enhance internal processes through the implementation of a Dynamics CRM solution.

When it comes to project pipeline management, it’s crucial that businesses have access to a system that will allow them to monitor ongoing work and ensure that projects do not exceed time or budget controls.

Working alongside Beard, Circyl successfully tailored the customer relationship management software to deliver a solution that met the unique requirements of the business, allowing the pre-construction team to monitor and manage tasks accurately.

Jason Betteridge, Managing Director at Circyl, commented:

“Over the years, Beard’s growth and success now means their services are in high-demand, so it’s important for them to closely monitor project progress, especially with so many tasks ongoing at once.

“The new Dynamics CRM solution we have installed will enhance project pipeline management for the pre-construction team, giving them access to vital information that will allow them to track work accordingly.

“With this new system in place, I know that Beard will have the technical platform to continue delivering excellent value to their clients, whilst solidifying its position as an industry leader and innovator.”