Intranet JumpStart

Businesses thrive when the people within them are informed, engaged and better connected. For many years, the team at Circyl have worked with Customers of all sizes and complexity, across all sectors to deliver better intranet solutions that improve business practice, efficiencies and communications.

The fact you’re reading this and you recognise the following scenarios means it’s probably time to talk to us about getting your first intranet or upgrading your current one:

  • Your people still send emails to ‘All Users’ to communicate Company messages
  • Everyone struggles to find the latest versions of Company policies?
  • Your Intranet is cluttered with outdated and irrelevant information
  • Everyone is still using paper-based forms for holidays, expenses, new starters, etc
  • In the past businesses created solutions that were highly customised, cost tens of thousands and took months to implement.

Whilst these solutions generally looked good, it was form over function. The lack of current content and poor governance resulted in a cluttered intranet, ignored by those it was intended for.

But there is a better way…

In our personal lives we expect to consume services that provide up to date content tailored to our preferences. We accept that modern software services evolve over time and have a certain interface. In many ways, we prioritise function over form.

Circyl have adopted the same principles for building our informative and intuitive Intranet platforms. Our JumpStart solution enables us to quickly and cost effectivity deploy a base solution, we complement this with readily available components that form part of a large framework of tools and then apply some configuration to achieve the desired outcomes. We then utilise light touch branding and wrap the solution with business defined governance rules.

With this approach we can simplify delivery, cost and accelerate project timescales, whilst ensuring on-going success and enthusiastic adoption of the solution across your organisation.


What we deliver

We are offering a simple one-price package that includes everything you will need for an engaging intranet that quickly brings your people and the information they need, close together with a new team spirit that can only enhance the success of your business.

A homepage to be proud of

We believe the home page of an Intranet or business portal is one of most important locations in your business. It is a place to highlight all companywide news, campaigns and events.

It provides links to important resources and makes must-read documents easily accessible. Your homepage is a single pane of glass solution that brings all areas of the business together into one location and improves engagement; on any device, anywhere, at any time.

News from around the organisation

Being able to communicate news and announcements to your business is key to a successful organisation.

News can be company-wide or specific team announcements; by driving adoption of the new intranet as a communications platform reliance on email can be reduced.

Our solution allows business users to create and post news, events and information that is relevant to their area of the business. We let you choose the categories and audiences for your news article to ensure that people are not bombarded with irrelevant announcements.

A single location for all documents

Having the latest policy or procedure at your fingertips is vital for an efficient business. It’s all too common to see businesses waste too much time trying to find the up to date information.

Our one-stop Document Centre shows all published documents for your organisation in a single place. Filtered views of the documents allow business users to find the right documents fast. Any documents that are owned by a team/department can be edited by the team and then published to the rest of the organisation.

Social Hub for groups and events

To increase engagement and reduce staff attrition, it is important to recognise your business is more than just a place of work, it’s a part of your peoples’ social life.

A good business portal needs a space for like-minded people to come together as part of social groups or to organise company events. Social sites bring people together into the portal by providing opportunities to improve the balance of work and play.

Our solution allows your people to create information dedicated to social topics that are important to them. This area provides users with classifieds to buy or sell items, news about up-coming events or display the photos from the latest event.

Personal Page

Our solution provides a page that brings together everything you need for your working day. Access to your Sites, Recent Documents, Recent Emails, Upcoming Meetings, Tasks & Contacts are all surfaced in the intranet to create a page centred around your working world.

More than just a phone directory

The JumpStart solution will provide a location for showing and sharing information about individuals within your business that is already stored in existing core business systems. Contact details, department and line manager information can all be made visible and searchable, to help your people locate the right person in the organisation, quickly and easily.

User Profiles can also store information about users that’s not stored in any other system locations. They can write about themselves, recent projects, key skills and personal interests; it all helps build a strong team.

This rich set of information provides the basis of an organisational skills directory, so people can seek out the skills and knowledge they need, rather than search for an individual they may not know.
Delivering a unified search experience

The search experience provided means that your people will spend far less time trying to find what they need and more time getting valuable work done.

Using filters usually found in consumer web sites, we can reduce the number of relevant search results in a few clicks. But the search capability of the underlying platform ensures that all content is indexed to support even the most obscure search terms.

Success through engagement and adoption

The success of your new Intranet solution, will depend on your people engaging with it and fully adopting its use. If they do not understand how to use this new solution, the full benefits to your business will not be realised.

Empowering business users to curate their own content will reduce the pressure on central teams such as marketing, whilst instilling a sense of pride through ownership. We will work hard to demonstrate and explain the benefits to everyone within your business to drive adoption.

There’s no time like now

You know a more engaged workforce, operating within a more collaborative environment built on current, relevant communications makes sense in an increasingly competitive commercial world.

Circyl makes it all possible. We will deliver the framework for your new solution for a fixed price, which will include:

  • A requirements workshop to understand how we can best customise the solution to the unique needs of your business
  • Complete implementation of our JumpStart solution in line with your identified needs
  • Two half-day solution-owner training workshops, to build skills and improve adoption within your business
  • User Guides to understand how to interact with the intranet
  • Additional days to help with content creation or further customising the solution

If you already have an Office 365 subscription, you may well find that you already have SharePoint available to you.

This brochure gives you a flavour of what we offer, but for a more in-depth discussion of what a solution for your business could deliver, please get in touch and we can discuss what JumpStart could mean to your business.

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