One of the UK’s leading international fruit marketing and distribution businesses recently engaged Circyl to implement a modern SharePoint Intranet based on Circyl’s Intranet JumpStart solution.

Responsible for sourcing products from over 1,000 global growers, the organisation needed a flexible intranet system that would allow them to consistently supply products throughout the year.

Circyl used its experience to deliver a powerful solution that would allow the entire operation irrespective of location to collaborate seamlessly. With access to this new, secure solution, the business has the tools needed to share important information from one central location, improving operational efficiency throughout the organisation.

Jason Betteridge, Managing Director at Circyl, commented:

“For an organisation that must quickly and efficiently move perishable goods, it’s crucial they have a powerful collaboration platform in place that allows their employees to share information with ease.

“Having delivered similar solutions for other businesses, we understand the challenges most organisations face and what they require from their intranet.

“With this new solution in place, I’m confident the organisation will reap a range of short and long-term benefits that will help them deliver greater value to their clients.”