A growing number of businesses are beginning to realise the importance of actionable, data-driven insights when looking to enhance company-wide decision making.

Circyl has recently been engaged by a UK-based life science business that has a strong reputation for supporting patients, healthcare professionals and the NHS. The customer becomes the latest business looking to explore how data can be used more efficiently to drive organisational change.

Initially, Circyl will deliver a comprehensive data strategy review aligned to several short-term operational goals that underpin the customer’s long-term goal of improved decision making, backed by timely data and accurate reporting. Building on the strategy, the aim is to streamline and enhance existing processes by consolidating data and reports into a centralised data platform that will be used to manage important and sensitive information. This platform can then be leveraged to provide insights across multiple business areas such as customers, product sales and market research that could identify early signs of trends such as customer purchasing cycles and market growth that can then assist in forecasting long term product demand.

With a clear and consistent data strategy in place, the organisation will have the tools to drive enhanced internal and external customer engagements as they look to expand their operation.

Jason Betteridge, Managing Director at Circyl, commented:

“Businesses have always understood the need to collect and protect data, but now there seems to be a wider realisation of how critical it is to success.

“By having a clear data strategy in place to harness the masses of information moving around the business, you have an opportunity to identify trends and make important decisions based on facts, not just instinct.

“Not only this, but consolidating all data centrally ensures all employees are operating from a single version of the truth, with data properly accounted for and any mistakes or duplications removed.

“With this in mind, we are excited to watch this relationship develop and help the stakeholders meet their long-term data goals.”