Business intelligence

Without data you are just another person with an opinion

Turning the masses of data held in and around your business into timely, accurate and accessible information is key to business success. Being able to ask questions of your data to get relevant answers and share these with your teams, only helps to drive the business and take informative actions.

Over the years we have seen data scarcity move to data overload, choosing the right tools to help you see the wood from the trees is paramount to success. The Circyl team have masses of experience working with databases, data, and analytical tools, and in more recent years have chosen to become expert in Power BI.

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Power BI is Microsoft’s cloud-based enterprise and self-service analytical solution that provides data modelling and visualisation capabilities across a range of data sources.

With its ability to facilitate both standardised and self-service reports and distribute insights securely across an organisation with tight integration with Microsoft 365, Power BI is the ideal solution for any organisation looking to empower its employees and develop a collaborative data culture’

Power BI 03

In summary, Power BI will enable you to:

  • Import from a range of sources and formats
  • Prepare and structure data for analysis
    Explore and understand your data
  • Visualise in an attractive and informative way
  • Share and collaborate with your teams
  • Integrate with O365 SharePoint
  • Automate refresh of information
  • Govern access to information

We have helped customers with these kind of challenges:

“I need insight into my business performance quicker, not weeks after the event”

“How can I get data that I can trust that is accurate and consistent?”

“There is too much reliance on Excel and the manual hand cranking of reporting, how do I automate this?”

“I need pro-active alerts informing me of business change good or bad, I don’t want to have to go looking”

“How can I get insights whilst out of the office on my mobile devices?”

Power BI 01

For more information, check out Power BI on Microsoft’s website.

Azure SQL Database is Microsoft’s cloud-based service that provides the database platform for the centralised data warehouse.

With its range of service tiers that can be scaled up or down as demand dictates, Azure SQL Database provides the ideal combination of reliability and flexibility for an evolving data platform.


ADF is Microsoft’s cloud-based integration tool for managing the extraction of data into Azure from a range of sources.

The tool allows configurable pipelines to be developed that automate the data refresh process, keeping report data up to date and removing the need for manual effort.

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