Power BI improvements for May

As most of you will be aware, Microsoft’s monthly update cycles are delivered in direct response to consumer feedback.

Rather than implementing changes for the sake of it, these cycles provide the perfect opportunity for Microsoft to address existing issues, while enhancing the overall user experience of its programmes.

Regular readers of our blog will be familiar with Power BI’s monthly updates, as we take a closer look at the proposed changes and analyse the impact these will have on our clients.

May’s updates cover a range of key areas, including reporting, analytics, modelling, visualisations and data connectivity.

One of the most significant updates this month is the addition of the performance analyser pane, allowing users to keep a close eye on reports and identify ways to improve performance and results.

ArcGIS maps for Power BI updates

Described as Esri’s integration into the Power BI world, ArcGIS maps gives users the ability to create engaging and insightful maps with their data.

Embedded within Power BI, the visualisation tool doesn’t need to be downloaded from the app store, instead users can click the globe icon and begin analysing data spatially to spot trends and make important decisions.

During this month’s update cycle, the visual has been updated to help users geocode accurately, converting addresses and place names into coordinates on your map, with the engine capable of providing reliable results for over 135 countries in key world markets.

Adding a much faster map loading experience to Power BI, ArcGIS maps now has access to the latest data from across the world, allowing users to run efficient analysis and gain insights without unnecessary delays.

Performance analyser pane

When it comes to reporting, it can sometimes be difficult to identify the reasons why reports are running slow and how the issue can be resolved.

To combat this, Power BI has introduced a new performance analyser pane to the desktop, allowing analysts to see where the time is being spent.

After the user has selected ‘start recording’, the pane will identify which queries are being run, displaying each visual task with its corresponding load duration.

Through this pane, it is possible to dig into specific slow loading visuals, allowing users to identify the problem and get an accurate estimation for how long the report should take to load.

You can also expand a specific visual’s log to see how time was spent divided into three different sections: DAX query, visual display and other.

Advanced Graph Visual

One of Power BI’s main selling points is the creative license it gives to users, allowing them to create visually appealing reports with engaging graphics.

Another significant update within May’s update cycle is the introduction of the Advanced Graph Visual by ZoomCharts, which lets users define and visualise one or multiple bi-directional links in a format of your choice.

The visual can be used to analyse money flow, manage and monitor IT infrastructure or analyse social connections, building a clear graph structure by identifying relationships between objects with the size of nodes representing its value.

Using links between the nodes, the graph is given a more efficient and attractive layout, which gives users the option to examine data in greater detail compared with a standard graph visual.

Delivering important insights…

Rather than disregarding the platform and allowing features to become outdated over time, Microsoft continues to be proactive in its commitment to quality.

Absorbing consumer feedback and introducing changes that improve the user experience is a simple yet effective strategy that keeps customers happy and returning to the app.

While collecting information is one part of the process, transforming masses of data into important insights is crucial for businesses looking to grow.

Power BI can help you unlock a wealth of opportunities through effective data analysis – consult our team of in-house experts and find a solution that meets your unique requirements.