With success and business growth comes a requirement to continually review existing IT platforms, ensuring solutions are up to date and modernised in a way that allows them to cope with increased demand.

With over 40 years of trading expertise in the UK, SMC is a global manufacturer of pneumatic and automation technology with a formidable reputation for innovation and client support. Established in 1978, the organisation’s UK subsidiary is based in Milton Keynes and is responsible for producing a range of 12,000 items, helping customers solve their factory automation challenges.

SMC and Circyl worked together last year to build a Proof of Concept (POC) for a Business Intelligence platform to showcase how more informed decision making could support organisational change. The success of the POC, underpinned by the confidence that Circyl will deliver a solution that is right for SMC, has driven the need to build a business wide solution that includes much more data that will offer even greater value to the business.

The enhanced solution will now centralise ERP, CRM and HR data into a single reporting solution that is initially focused on supporting the sales and marketing functions within the business.

By moving all aspects of reporting to one centralised location, the business will soon be able to fully leverage Power BI to conduct detailed, company-wide data analysis from marketing campaigns and lead generation through to customer acquisition and on-boarding. Accessing timely and accurate insights, with employees subject to a single and consistent version of the truth will ensure SMC can focus their efforts where they get the highest return.

Jason Betteridge, Managing Director at Circyl, commented:

“Building on the success of the POC, I am certain that this enhanced Business Intelligence solution will support SMC as they manage the additional expectations and workload that comes with business growth.

“We are seeing a growing number of businesses focus their efforts on Business Intelligence as they begin to realise the importance of unlocking data-driven insights when aiming to facilitate further growth.

“A centralised reporting platform that utilises Power BI will give employees the confidence to trust their data and insights, making decisions in real-time that will enhance business performance and deliver an improved service to customers.

“In all, it promises to be a very exciting project for SMC and one that will help propel the business forward on the back of what has already been a very successful period.”