Circyl help Converse Pharma move from legacy system to flexible cloud-based solution

Everything has an expiry date, including technology. We recently helped our client, Converse Pharma, overcome the difficulties posed by their legacy system, as they were keen to update the outdated technology.

Operating from 12 sites, employing a little over 1000 people and serving over 5,500 customers, Converse Pharma Group is one of the biggest wholesale distributors of pharmaceutical products in the UK.

Naturally, the size of the operation means there are large quantities of products for Converse Pharma to handle, so systems are in place to make processes more efficient and easier to manage.

With an office move just around the corner, the organisation needed to assess their existing technology and decide whether to bring it with them or use the move as an opportunity for change.

Outdated system

The solution at the centre of the investigation was an offline tool for recording and monitoring supplier prices for the full range of products provided by Converse Pharma.

Created in Microsoft Access a long time ago and comprising of a separate on-premises database for each product class, the system was built on old technology that no longer had the internal support needed to ensure its continued success.

This restricted user access became an obvious concern following the opening of Converse Pharma’s Esh Plaza office, as the server’s geographical location made it impractical for core users.

With the solution outdated, it was agreed that a modern alternative was required to optimise operational efficiency, allowing staff to quickly access and navigate the system with ease and without geographical restriction.

The new solution would integrate various apps to offer one masterful service – a fully supported and agile system that would enhance performance.

New cloud-based solution

One of the most urgent improvements was removing the need for physical infrastructure, delivering a web-based solution that allowed the office-move to run smoothly.

Integrating a single service database with an App utilising Power Apps and a Power BI dashboard, the new solution stores information securely in the cloud and can be accessed from any device from anywhere, providing it has an internet connection.

Capable of monitoring changing supplier prices, the modern solution uses data intelligence to analyse information, displaying meaningful sales stats that help Converse Pharma spot emerging trends.

The new system allows multiple users to work at the same time, recording and updating information to reflect the most up-to-date position.

The importance of PowerApps in delivering such a versatile solution was critical, as it significantly reduced app development time, acting as an acceleration platform that contained the tools needed to build and tailor the solution.

“Taking a closer look at our existing systems, we knew it was important to overhaul our old unsupported solutions. Circyl left no stone unturned and worked quickly to implement an integrated alternative that would allow us to maximise our operational efficiency long-term. Working with them has also been a complete pleasure. The individuals involved from Circyl, have always been extremely professional and knowledgeable, but most importantly, they have fitted into our team so well.”

- Haydn Smith
Group IT Director, Converse Pharma Group

Our integrated mindset

While the operational benefits of having a new web-based and multi-device compatible solution are clear, the integrated mindset of the joint team at Converse Pharma also delivered noticeable value.

They understood the importance of combining products to deliver a complete solution, with services like Power Platform helping clients get the most out of their existing investment in Microsoft.

Utilising services like Power Apps to design a tailored solution can save important time and money for customers, as they face the alternative prospect of engaging an expensive software developer to create many different versions of one bespoke solution.

With Power Apps, solutions that were once only available to enterprise scale organisations can now be accessed by businesses of all sizes. Also, utilising Power Apps meant that only one solution needed to be built that could be used on desktop, tablet and mobile if required.

Removing the stress from the situation, we took the time to figure out what type of solution would work best for the organisation, delivering a fully supported system that didn’t require months of training for staff to begin using.

No longer dependent on an on-premises data gateway, the system saved them a lot of money that would have been spent on purchasing individual Power Apps user licenses.

Securing a successful future…

When most people buy a new car, they want to turn the key and begin driving straightaway – they don’t particularly want or need to know about the components underneath the bonnet.

This analogy is how we look at the technical solutions we deliver for our clients, as we use our own industry knowledge and expertise to provide organisations with their own unique performance-enhancing solutions.

Through close collaboration, we worked with Converse Pharma on how to use the solution effectively, allowing the business to be self-sufficient moving forward.

Circyl helped Converse Pharma transform their old, outdated legacy solution into a modernised, cloud-based system that didn’t require physical infrastructure to operate.

If you’d like to update or modernise your existing systems, then contact our team of experts and find a solution that works for you.

Technologies utilised

During the project, Circyl leveraged the following technologies:


Power Apps: PowerApps is a service used for building and using custom business apps that connect to your data and work across the web and mobile, without the time and expense of custom software development.


Power BI: Power BI is Microsoft’s cloud-based enterprise and self-service analytical solution that provides data modelling and visualisation capabilities across a range of data sources. 

“Our integrated mindset and in-depth understanding of individual services allowed us to combine multiple apps to deliver the solution leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform. Instead of an outdated legacy system, Converse Pharma now has a reliable Office 365 based solution that enables users to access information from any location.”

- Jason Betteridge
Managing Director, Circyl

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