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More and more businesses are realising the value of their data and the pivotal role it can play in shaping business strategies, identifying opportunities for growth and managing day-to-day operations.

However, turning the huge amounts of raw data surrounding your business into accurate and timely information can be a huge challenge. What’s more, heavy reliance on tools like Excel typically leads to inconsistent and time-consuming reporting processes. This is where our team of expert data consultants can help.

Circyl offer leading data consultancy services that help businesses turn their data into a valuable information. We work alongside our clients to understand the issues they are facing, answering any questions they may have, whilst delivering digital transformation solutions tailored to their unique needs and budget.

This enables our clients to uncover valuable insights into their business performance that would have previously gone unnoticed; empowering them to make fully informed decisions and help them achieve their business goals.

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Some of the questions our data consultancy services have helped solve

"How can I ensure data is secure and accessed only by approved users?"

"How can I automate regular reports and save valuable team for my team?"

“How can I get a view of how the whole business is performing in one place?”

“How do I access my business data on-the-go or across multiple devices?”

“How can I get a single view of all my interactions with a particular customer?”

“How can I understand performance in real time so that I can make pro-active interventions?”

“How can I manage our business costs and monitor spending more easily?”

“How can we get trusted information that is accurate and consistent in all reports?”

“How do I get insights into industry trends and consumer behaviour?”

Our consultancy services cover the full process of your data transformation journey; from developing the right strategy for your business, to delivering bespoke solutions for Data Management, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, Data Visualisation and Analytics. We also provide ongoing services for your solutions, including training for new staff members, troubleshooting and support.

Our data consultants have worked with businesses of all sizes, across a wide range of industries – from retail, manufacturing and hospitality to banking, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Our status as a Microsoft Partner assures clients of our technical expertise and our in-depth understanding of the various data challenges businesses face and has cemented our status as market leaders in data consulting and project delivery.

Explore our excellent track record of project success through our testimonials and case studies or give us a call on 03333 209 969 to discuss how our data solutions can help transform your business.


Andy McLean

Data & Analytics Director

I lead the Data & Analytics Practice at Circyl; utilising my expertise in the Microsoft Azure platform (and other Microsoft software) to find data solutions for Circyl’s wide range of clients.

I enjoy helping our clients make use of the wide range of data sources at their disposal and showing them new ways to make better business decisions through data. The variety of sectors I work with means I am frequently presented with new challenges and datasets to work with, which helps keep me inspired and motivated.


What are the benefits of our data consultancy services?

Adopting a data strategy provides many benefits for your organisation. Some of the main benefits our clients have reported following a data strategy engagement are shown below.

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Removing data silos and understanding performance across the entire business

Whether it’s sales, operational spend or HR data you are interested in, we can help you bring all of your business data together in a central location to provide a single source for reporting and give users a holistic view of overall performance.

Enabling business users to create their own reports

Rather than requiring technical skills or IT resources to create reports, implementing a centralised data platform and presenting data in a business-friendly format allows business users to create their own reports using Power BI when they need them.

Managing your team’s productivity and workload

Our data consultants can create dashboards that present information at various levels of your organisation, including solutions to help make managing your team easier. From supervising workloads, to preventing the risk of burnout by ensuring that each team member’s KPI’s are being met, we can help you get the most out of your people whilst ensuring their needs are being supported.

Saving time and money through automated reports

Through automated data processing, regular reports can be refreshed on a daily basis. This eliminates the need for your team to manually create reports, saving the business time and labour costs.

Identifying business growth opportunities

From monitoring competitor prices and supply chains, to revealing patterns about customer behaviour over time, our data consultants can show you how to use your data to spot new markets and target audiences that will diversify your customer base and boost revenue.

Storing information securely whilst keeping it accessible

We can keep you up to date with the latest industry standards on data protection and GDPR, and design solutions that store data securely. By securely managing access to data, reports can be distributed to multiple audiences with content filtered based on the permissions of each individual user.

Reducing human error

Manual reporting often comes with the risk of human error, which majorly impacts the reliability and accuracy of your data. Our data solutions can collect and collate data from multiple sources quickly with consistency, reducing the risk of inaccuracies and building trust in reporting numbers.

Creating interactive and insightful reports

Power BI allows you to create engaging dashboards and reports for personal and team use or distribution across the business. This allows you to provide a more interactive review of business performance during board meetings and presentations.

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Our technology expertise

Azure SQL
Azure SQL
Power Automate
Power Automate
Azure Data Factory
Azure Data Factory
Power Apps
Power Apps
Azure Data Lake
Azure Data Lake
Dynamics 365
Dynamics 365
Azure Databricks
Azure Databricks
Power BI
Power BI
Custom Dev
Custom Dev

Industries we specialise in

We are proud to have worked with a wide range of clients across various industry sectors. Here is a glimpse of some of the sectors that we have provided data consultancy services to and examples of solutions we have provided for them.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Uncovering data patterns across health and care services to anticipate demand and improve staff management, whilst protecting confidential patient data.

Retail & Consumer Goods

Monitoring unit sales and discovering customer behaviour trends that inform marketing strategies that lead to improved customer service.


Identifying areas where costs can be saved so that public services can be improved through better decision making.

Leisure & Hospitality

Uncovering insights into clients to identify customer profiles that will help focus marketing efforts, enrich customer experiences and improve business operations.

Financial Services

Monitoring competitors to ensure customers receive the best rates and service offerings. Our data solutions can also be used to assess risks and detect fraud.


Managing factory productivity, tracking stock levels and monitoring material supplier prices across the industry.


Keeping track of shipments and their respective journeys whilst managing drivers and the jobs they are assigned.


Maintaining client relationships, manage WIP, cashflow and identifying opportunities to cross sell other legal services.

Our data consultancy services are trusted by...

Why choose Circyl as your data & analytics consultants?

Below are just some of the reasons why we believe you should choose us as your data and analytics consultants.

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Widely trusted across multiple industries

We have delivered data strategy projects across a variety of sectors and understand that each industry has unique data requirements and challenges. Our in-depth-knowledge of data architecture combined with our vast experience helps us deliver to a broad range of industries without compromising on quality of service.

Fast project delivery

Our team will work with you to setup full data transformations in accordance with your deadlines. Our data architects and technicians work to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.

Unmatched data analysis and business intelligence expertise

Our team bring together decades of experience in IT, data strategy transformation and customer service; assuring our clients that their data projects will be delivered by some of the best in the industry.

Excellent customer service and managed support

We consistently receive excellent client feedback. Take a look at our testimonials and client case studies to find out more.

Data consulting in a language you understand

During your consultation, we will give straightforward and clear advice without the technology jargon. This will allow you to fully understand what our projects can deliver for you, how long the process will take and how to operate the solutions included.

Tailored data solutions to suit your needs and budget

We will take the time to get under the skin of your company, understanding its unique data needs and challenges to deliver a bespoke data strategy package aligned to your objectives and budget requirements.

Data consultancy case study

“After meeting with Circyl, we realised there was a lot of room to expand and develop our existing data strategy through the implementation of sophisticated technology. Throughout the journey, we have been impressed with Circyl’s ability to understand our longterm vision, offering solutions and suggestions that have been tailored to meet the unique requirements of the business.”

- Andy Freeman
Business Systems Controller, Vimto

Find out more about the Power BI data transformation project we carried out for Vimto.

About Circyl

We are a leading UK business intelligence and data strategy consultancy firm based in the West Midlands.

Founded in 2017, we deliver digital transformation projects that deliver better insights, integrated applications and automated business workflow through the adoption of Microsoft technologies. We are a certified Microsoft Partner and HM Government G-Cloud supplier.

We believe that our customers should be more informed, enabling them to make better decisions for their business  that drives better outcomes by joining up their data, making information easier to find and captured on the device of their choice.

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