Dynamics 365

Sell the problem you solve, not the product

Dynamics 365 is a cloud based platform that is the hub of a company’s operation which enables us to build processes, applications and analytics to match the needs of any organisation, team and role.

We don’t just sell and implement Dynamics for Customers, we use it in anger ourselves too – it is core to our day to day operation. From sales and marketing, project tracking and time management, to Order and Customer Acceptance procedures. As you can expect, it is fully integrated with other Office 365 products such as SharePoint for document storage (so that non CRM users can find and collaborate too) and Power BI for real-time analytics on project performance and operational/financial status.

When you work with us on your CRM project, you leverage our years of experience not only as technical experts, but real business users.

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Dynamics 365 will help you to:

  • Keep your Customers happy and well serviced
  • Proactively attend to issues, before your customers escalate to you
  • Maximise prospects and sales pipeline
  • Keep a close eye on project and contract profitability and performance
  • Share and collaborate with your teams
  • Be automatically notified of actions and events without having to go looking
  • Seamlessly integrate with other products such as SharePoint, Power BI, Power Apps, etc.
  • Be secure and GDPR compliant

Customers often ask us to find solutions to help them with:

“Are we focusing on the right opportunities?”

“How can we help our Sales and Service teams work better on the road?”

“Is everyone able to access the same Customer history and documents?”

“Are our projects performing to target, will we be on time or overrun?”

“Are we providing great service and are our Customers happy?”

“What do our stock levels look like and what products are selling best?”


For more information, check out Dynamics 365 on Microsoft’s website.

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We believe that a CRM solution integrated with Microsoft’s wider Office
365 (O365) and Power platforms helps to drive the maximum value
for our customers. With this in mind, we have created our PowerStart
solution to leverage the wider Microsoft cloud platform.

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