Integrated Information Management

The Sales Journey


Before ABC IT Consultancy implemented their new fully integrated Sales solution, managing the sales process was hard:

  • Pipeline was recorded inconsistency in Excel with no companywide view of activity
  • Sales product trends, seasonality and team performance comparison was difficult to see
  • Deals could only be recorded and updated when in the office with no mobile ability
  • Sales Management had to proactively look for new deals and changes to the pipeline
  • Sales Orders were manually produced in word introducing errors and inconsistency
  • Sales proposals were stored in unstructured folders and many versions caused confusion

The new solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Power Platform changed all of that…..

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“The new solution helps us close deals quicker, providing automatic business updates and processes. Consistent and accurate information helps build customer confidence and credibility in what we could potentially provide to them”


Now ABC IT Consultancy have a fully integrated Information Management solution utilising Microsoft cloud platforms such as Dynamics 365, Power BI and Power Apps, the business now benefits from:

  • A consistent and managed view of all deals and pipeline, with core information only needing to be entered once
  • Reporting dashboards are available so that past, present and future deals can be monitored by looking at trends and driving product and team performance
  • CRM updates can be done from anywhere given mobile versions are available for iphone, iPad, etc.
  • Proactive email notifications keep the management informed of new deals created, proposals issues, won deals, etc.
  • Documents are populated and sent via an App, automating the process and ensuring information is accurate
  • All documents are associated with the appropriate Customer and Deal so information can be found and stored consistently. Utilising SharePoint means that the correct version is always used

Part 2 - coming soon

In the second part, we will continue the journey through to Project Delivery