Power BI improvements for March

Reporting – Heat map support for Bing maps

This month, Microsoft has introduced heat map support for Bing maps, allowing users to enable a unique formatting option that converts all the location dots to a heat map layer.

Without a measure in the Size field bucket, the gradient is based on location density, but using the Size bucket will ensure results are weighted accordingly.

Opening the heat map formatting card, users will have access to various controls, which allow them to adjust the radius and units where necessary, while changing the colours used and their transparency on the map.

This feature will allow users to create engaging reports that present important information clearly.

Modelling – New modelling view

As mentioned in the introduction, Microsoft has now made its new modelling view generally available to users, implementing new features based on post-preview feedback.

These improvements mean that users can now bulk edit columns, measures and tables, while setting display folders on columns, measures and hierarchies.

Other highlights of this new surface include the ability to drag and drop items into display folders and access multiple diagram layouts, enhancing the overall user experience.

Again, this update demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to its customers, taking on board the comments of its users to improve the service.

Custom visuals – Craydec Regression Chart

This new custom visual allows users to plot data on a scatter chart, add a linear regression to it and split it into multiple categories, without aggregating the info.

Craydec Regression Chart includes dynamic data loading, allowing it to load records faster and handle over 10,000 rows of data with increased efficiency.

There is a free version of the visual, but with a license, users can access a range of other features, including the ability to plot 30,000 data points, add labels for small multiples and assign custom colours and opacity for groups.

This update is another example of how Power BI strives to give its users greater creative license during the reporting process.

Unlock the true potential of Power BI…

For regular readers of our blog, Microsoft’s monthly update cycles have been well-documented and discussed at great length, as they continue to unlock new opportunities for businesses and individual users alike.

Being proactive rather than reactive, Microsoft has built a loyal customer base through its commitment to customer feedback, prioritising the needs of its users and delivering a first-class service across the board.

While Power BI is not a new application, it’s effectiveness as a data analytics tool coupled with its monthly update cycles make it an exciting programme for those businesses looking to take their business to the next level.

If you’d like more advice on the solutions that are available to your organisation, contact our in-house team of specialists and book a consultation.