Automate important processes with the help of AI Builder

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In recent years, modern businesses have invested significant time and money into streamlining internal processes and operations.

The development of technology and the release of new systems has helped businesses achieve this, with features like AI Builder opening the door to many exciting opportunities.

Designed to automate processes and predict outcomes, AI Builder is a Power Platform capability that brings the power of AI through a point-and-click experience.

The beauty of such technology lies in its simplicity, allowing users to add intelligence to their apps even if they have very basic coding skills.

We recently demonstrated the technology at our Microsoft Modern Workplace event in Wales alongside Circle IT, teaching guests how to use the technology for invoice processing and approval on a mobile device – watch the video attached in this blog for a full demonstration.

Latest updates

During January’s update, AI builder introduced a new and simplified way to use AI Models in Power Automate, working to enhance the user experience.

Now, users can provide data to the AI Model and use the output without having to manually transform the data, with the required information changing depending on the type of model that’s currently selected.

The format of the AI Model output also changes based on model type and can be accessed via ‘dynamic content’ inside Power Automate for use elsewhere.

With these updates, users can now harness the power of AI Builder to complete other important daily tasks, without any unnecessary hassle.

Form processing capabilities

One way in which users can extract maximum benefit out of AI Builder is through its form processing capabilities, where they can train an AI Model to automatically extract important data from an invoice, before saving it to a SharePoint list.

After creating, training and publishing the AI Builder form processing model, users can create a solution-aware flow in Power Automate that is triggered every time an email and attachment is received for a certain provider.

Using the ‘predict’ action from the Common Data Service Connector, businesses can leverage the trained model by pointing it to the email attachment.

Once the data has been extracted, an action can be added to the flow that creates a new SharePoint list, allowing you to select the results and information that you want saved.

Sentiment analysis

Another way the service can be utilised is with prebuilt AI Builder Models that can be put to the test without the need for training.

One such model is sentiment analysis, which detects positive or negative statements, allowing businesses to extract specific types of information from a larger pool of text-based data.

This can be especially useful for event organisers who want to understand the sentiment of their audience from tweets about the event. By creating a solution-aware flow that is triggered every time somebody tweets using the event hashtag, the sentiment analysis model can be pointed to the text, extracting the relevant information as requested.

Conditions can be added to check whether the result is a positive or negative sentiment, while email notifications alerting you of incoming results can also be arranged.

Build a better future…

With operational efficiency an ongoing priority for businesses, services like AI Builder can offer a streamlined solution that removes the need for manual and time-consuming processes.

Built to meet your own unique requirements, the AI Models can be trained to automate tasks and store data securely for future use.

By harnessing the power of AI, there are a range of business functions that can be streamlined for the benefit of your business, from transferring and storing information to in-depth data analysis.

If you’d like to understand more about the service and how it could help your business, then contact our team of experts for more details.