Cyber security has long been the focus of significant media attention, with examples of high-profile attacks often making headline news, due to the damage they can cause to company finances and reputation.

With recent reports revealing that Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, had his phone hacked by a WhatsApp message containing malware, it shows that nobody, not even the wealthiest man on the planet, is immune from incoming cyber threats.

Individuals and businesses must remain vigilant, updating their security measures over time and training staff to be aware of the risks.

As part of this commitment to helping businesses fight back against would-be hackers, we’re pleased to announce that Circyl will be teaming up with Circle IT to deliver two insightful events, showing businesses how to protect their data and leverage the benefits of BYOD, remote working and traditional IT.

What is the event?

Taking place at the ICC in Newport on Tuesday 4 February and University of Wales Trinity Saint David in Swansea on Wednesday 5 February, the events will feature special guest appearances from industry-leading experts, including Andy Smith and Michael Owen from Circyl, who will be demonstrating PowerApps on both days.

No matter the size of your organisation, the biggest and most common threats can access your sensitive information and disrupt important operations, while stealing masses of valuable data.

For this reason, it’s crucial that you maintain expertise on the evolving threats, implementing security measures to spot potential danger and block attacks from infiltrating your systems.

Of course, to successfully stop an incoming attack, you first need to understand the different threats that exist, allowing your business to tailor solutions that can deal with incidents promptly and effectively.

What will be covered?

At Tuesday’s event, guests are urged to arrive at the venue at 8:30am, allowing half an hour for registration and preparation, before a short introduction to Circle IT begins at 9:00am, featuring Richard Heaviside, Sales and Marketing Director at the business.

The first session of the day will take place at 9:30am with Technical Solutions Consultant at Circle IT, Mark Allford, explaining to guests how they can keep up with the pace of change brought about by digital transformation. This also includes insights into the various ways in which businesses can streamline their internal processes.

During session two, Mark will show businesses how to keep their different software applications and documents secure while the demand for cross-platform collaboration increases. The session will feature a short demonstration of Microsoft Teams and the security services that underpin it.

After a half hour break, session three will commence at 11:00am, where Circyl will explain to guests how they can introduce automation into their daily operations. Taking a closer look at PowerApps, businesses will find out how to get the most out of the different services available to them.

Education and networking

The penultimate session will feature a client example of how the modern workplace vision is being delivered based on services within Office 365, Enterprise Mobility and Security and Windows 10. This presentation will go into depth about the details of the case study, while offering a wider view on security and the challenges currently being faced.

Finally, at 12:00pm, guests will be shown how to successfully back up their Office 365 data and recover from accidental or malicious file deletion. There will be additional information about how Datto provide solutions for backing up OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange Online.

Following a short wrap up from Richard Heaviside, guests will then be treated to an hour of lunch and networking, before the event concludes at 2:00pm.

If you are interested in attending either events or would like more information on any of the issues discussed in this blog, then contact our team for advice.