With the deadline for Brexit fast approaching and the consequences of leaving the EU still unknown, it’s crucial that organisations begin searching for solutions to enhance productivity amid growing uncertainty.

Over the years, we have developed a strong reputation for building business-focussed applications, using our industry knowledge and expertise to tailor solutions accordingly.

Our new offering, PowerStart for Sales CRM, is another example of this innovative approach, integrating an effective CRM solution with Microsoft’s wider Office 365 and Power Platforms to deliver maximum value to clients.

By leveraging the power of other popular apps, businesses can unlock a wealth of exciting opportunities, from streamlining sales management processes to improving customer service and profitability.

Here’s an in-depth breakdown of what our integrated solution has to offer:

The core of the solution

We understand that moving to a new CRM system can be confusing, as there are various available options offering different features.

In our eyes, the core of any effective solution must be reliable, which is why Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been trusted as the core of PowerStart, responsible for recording the most important data, including leads, customers, contacts and sales opportunities.

The highly customisable solution will organise information on your behalf, providing users with a complete record of individuals, companies and deals, allowing you to better understand important interactions in more detail.

These documents are then stored securely, giving workers easy access to information should it be needed for further analysis.

Powerstart 1
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Integrating with Power Platform

In a previous blog, we discussed in detail the various components of Microsoft’s Power Platform and the benefits these can bring to your business.

For those of you who may not be aware, Power Platform is made up of three popular services; Power Apps, Power BI and Microsoft Flow, which are combined to enhance productivity and collaboration.

Enabling the end-to-end management of your data, these three components allow you to seamlessly manage your sales and teams by enhancing key aspects, such as pipeline management, proactive sales stage notifications, proposals and commission tracking.

Ultimately, connecting your CRM solution to the Power Platform will allow you to be more informed and productive, leveraging your existing investment in Microsoft 365.

Forging lasting relationships

While Dynamics 365 may be the core of the solution, forging lasting relationships and keeping track of customers is at the heart of it.

Ensuring the happiness of your prospects by delivering a fast and responsive service is crucial for customer acquisition and retention, so we’ve designed the solution to help you achieve this.

Designed with a simple, customisable dashboard, the solution allows you to see everything in one place, which makes it easier to monitor ongoing customer relationships and any future business opportunities.

Combined with other key features and services, PowerStart for Sales CRM gives you all the tools needed to manage opportunities and gain clear insights to enhance performance.

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Proactive alerts

It goes without saying, that any effective CRM system should be designed to issue real-time alerts for urgent developments or actions.

In keeping with this, PowerStart will ensure employees are kept fully aware of key actions and activities relating to customers, opportunities and projects, sending email notifications directly to the user.

Upon clicking the active link, users will be taken to CRM, where they can investigate and address the situation at their own convenience.

All notifications can be easily maintained on any device, allowing businesses to keep a close eye on their operations without it becoming overwhelming.

We know what you need…

When it comes to finding a CRM solution, we understand the frustration and confusion that comes with researching different options.

In our experience, most of our clients aren’t too sure what it is they need and so asking them to outline their requirements can prove difficult if they aren’t familiar with the technology.

In response to this, PowerStart for Sales CRM has been designed to offer new users a well-rounded starting experience, capable of processing information into insights and managing new activities and opportunities.

After trialling the solution, users can offer feedback and we will tailor the solution to meet their unique needs.

If you’d like to introduce PowerStart to your business, contact our in-house team of experts and find a strategy that works for you.