Four years, fifty clients and a pandemic later our business is still thriving, as we continue to deliver first-class technical solutions and support to organisations across a range of sectors and industries.

Whilst the technology landscape has changed dramatically since Circyl was formed, many of the core aspects of our business remain the same, from our overwhelming commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, to our customer-centric approach that has allowed us to attract and retain clients throughout the years.

As specialist providers of Business Intelligence and productivity solutions, we pride ourselves on being data and integration focused, enabling our customers to transform information into business-enhancing and actionable insights, whilst ensuring data efficiently flows through each component of the solution provided.

Now, four years on, businesses are actively approaching us, not just for our technical expertise and solutions, but for our opinions from a business perspective, due to the extensive experience we possess from working across a multitude of sectors.

This passion and drive has allowed us to grow our team and expand our service offering, whilst overcoming the challenges faced along the way.

Working throughout the pandemic

Of the 50 customers we have served, we are still actively working with over 30, utilising our experience and expertise to help them address a range of unique business challenges.

The events of the last 18 months have been difficult for everyone, including our clients, with the long-term survival of many dependent on their ability to adapt and introduce processes that would allow operations to continue during the lockdowns.

These lockdowns led to a period of widespread remote working, which has now transformed into a long-term culture of hybrid working patterns in many organisations.

To help our clients make this transition smoothly, we have implemented a host of ‘joined up’ solutions, so that information can be found efficiently, no matter where people are working from. This allows businesses to uncover actionable insights that can then be used drive important behavioral changes, whilst enhancing collaboration throughout.

Rather than following a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we treat every client individually, taking the time to understand their needs, so that we can implement a solution that meets their unique requirements.

Other projects

In our four-year history, we have been involved in a wide range of exciting projects, supporting some of the UK’s most recognisable brands and businesses.

Whether it be working with a leading soft drinks company to deliver a sophisticated Business Intelligence solution that utilises Power BI, SQL Azure and Data Lake or supporting one of the biggest producers of snack foods with the implementation of a Quality Management solution, we have the tools and talent needed to see the job through from inception to delivery.

As technology has evolved throughout the years, so too has our service offering and workforce, as we continue to hire talented and experienced professionals that encapsulate the spirit we have worked hard to build since the start.

Not too long ago, we implemented a companywide operational solution utilising Dynamics CRM and the entire Microsoft Power Platform stack, delivering fully integrated business modules across various operational areas for the country’s largest contract flooring company.

It is because of the people working within our business that we are able to deliver such significant projects and uphold our reputation as one of the most effective business intelligence and productivity solutions providers.

The future is bright…

Even when technology evolves, our business adapts too. Since the very first day, this has always been our mentality and it is what allows us to continue providing first-class technical support to our clients.

In recent times, we have moved to bigger offices, recruited more people and adapted to a new culture of hybrid working that has allowed some team members to ‘return home’ to more remote parts of the country, with little or no effect on day-to-day business.

Not only that, but we are actively using much of the technology that we provide to our clients, so we have an in-depth understanding of how the various pieces fit together within the bigger picture.

The last four years have been challenging, exciting, and ultimately, successful. We are very much looking forward to seeing what the future holds, supporting new and existing clients along their journey.