Innserve, the UK’s leading drinks dispense service company, will be the latest business to benefit from Circyl’s comprehensive Data and Analytics consultancy.

Keen to build a long-term data culture, the business approached Circyl for advice on how best to enhance its existing strategy, as they were keen to take their investment to the next level.

As part of the project, Circyl will provide best practice guidance in the creation of a consolidated data platform designed to establish a single version of the truth. With access to reliable insights, Innserve’s key departments can then make better informed decisions, driving future growth and success.

The flexible and highly customisable nature of the platform will also allow individual users to enjoy a tailored reporting experience, ensuring data is harnessed in a way that delivers maximum value throughout the business.

Of course, Circyl’s expertise and ability to deliver the necessary assessment and improvements with minimal disruptions to ongoing operations will be critical to the success of the project.

Andy McLean, Data and Analytics Director at Circyl, commented: “Organisations may have collected masses of data, but transforming this raw data into actionable information is another challenge altogether.

“To achieve this, they must first take stock of the current situation, assessing their current levels of information maturity before deciding what improvements need to be made. By undertaking a data strategy engagement, our consultants will take a look under the bonnet of a business and make recommendations based on their findings.

“Ultimately, this helps relieve much of the pressure from businesses, as they no longer have to shoulder the responsibility of making important technical decisions, instead trusting our team to oversee the process.

“I’m positive this experience will give Innserve the tools needed to begin a successful data journey, reaping the benefits of a new data strategy for years to come.”