Within the annual Forrester Wave reports, Microsoft has been recognised as a consistent leader for both ECM and Cloud Content Platforms.

Described as the ‘best fit for companies that want a single source of cloud content services’, the Forrester report praised Microsoft 365, while labelling the organisation as industry leaders with its ‘global scale and support for the full content life cycle’.

Acting as a guide for buyers within the technology marketplace, Forrester Wave has built a strong reputation for providing accurate analysis, allowing professionals to make important decisions without spending months conducting their own research.

This recognition is a significant feather in the cap for Microsoft, as it further demonstrates their commitment to content management, amid another round of important SharePoint updates.

Button & Call to Action

Allowing users to create rich and engaging experiences through SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, the recent updates have been introduced in direct response to customer feedback.

Interactivity and automation can be added with SharePoint web parts, as the Button and Call to Action become two of the latest parts featured on the platform.

Engaging page viewers through guided experiences, the Call to Action update gives users the ability to present focussed text on a button, which when clicked, brings viewers to their next content experience.

Meanwhile, the Call to Action web part allows users to add explanatory text or background images to make their pages visually appealing.

Button & Call to Action
Secondary Links

Secondary links for larger tiles

When it comes to encouraging employee engagement, two links can be more effective one.

The hero web part can now include two links on larger tiles, with the primary link connecting to the content and the secondary link helping with other initiatives, such as sharing.

This concept is one that Microsoft already takes full advantage of, using a similar method to encourage internal discussion on Yammer, while leveraging LinkedIn Elevate to promote wider discussion around public content on social media.

When presented with larger titles, readers can now easily share and discuss the content in question, allowing for more in-depth analysis and understanding between audience members.

Highlighted Content improvements

For users, it’s crucial that pages and content can be navigated easily, allowing readers to filter and search documents by time or relevance.

The Highlighted Content web part lets you achieve this, saving valuable time by performing as an effective multi-gadget tool for modern pages.

Within the latest round of updates, users now have access to the custom query filtering option for Highlighted Content, allowing them to craft CAML or KQL to display precise sets of content, whilst also given the option to combine multiple filters using various operators.

This update is a significant step forward for the content management aspect of SharePoint, as users can filter for document types, authors or other custom metadata across their sites.

Highlighted Content
Conclosion Img

Updates are key to success…

The announcements within the Forrester Wave reports make for exciting reading, but Microsoft’s achievements will not come as a surprise for many.

When it comes to content management and cloud services, the organisation has its finger firmly on the pulse, continuously looking for ways to improve existing services, so they can enhance the overall user experience.

In the world of technology, there’s no time to stand still and wait, as the competition intensifies, and businesses look for new ways to improve business productivity.

If you’re looking to streamline internal processes, contact our in-house team and find a solution that works for you.