By the time you read this, the deadline will have passed and the GDPR is real, live and affecting how you do business. Perhaps surprisingly there were no fanfares or an inspector knocking on your door to see evidence of your compliance. 

The GDPR will have changed your approach to how your organisation collects, manages, shares and uses personal data. If you have not changed, the chances are you could face repercussions in the future.

If you do not maintain compliance and suffer a data breach, or fail to comply with data access requests in the given time frame, or guide your staff on how to handle personal data appropriately, a heavy fine might be the least of your worries - damage to your brand could signal the end.

The picture is sketchy

If you still have nagging doubts about completeness of your compliance (it’s not an entirely black and white issue) don’t worry, you are not alone.

An independent GDPR survey proves illuminating answers provided by more than 250 organisations that undertook the questionnaire at the time of writing, showed most have come a long way in changing their attitudes to personal data, but there were surprises.

The figures the diagram below should disturb and comfort in equal measure as you realise you are not alone in thinking your compliance is not complete and requires further fettling. And always will.

These figures were for the period Sept ’17 to Feb ’18 and if the results were reviewed again on 26 May, they might look better, but still there would be areas for concern.

There is no point worrying that you may not be GDPR compliant and doing nothing about it. You can still mitigate the risk of non-compliance by showing you are continuing on your journey to compliance; that you are taking the issue seriously and doing something.

Changed attitudes and behaviours

The GDPR must change the way everyone in your organisation thinks about privacy and data security. Ongoing compliance must become second-nature for everyone and they must understand the future of the business may depend on it.

Our parent company Quiss Technology has been helping clients toughen up their IT systems and infrastructure security for 30 years and now with Circyl, we can help address the issues around GDPR.

A solution to the problem

Circyl have the solution.

ScanR is a low cost software product that helps organisations comply with GDPR, helping towards avoiding substantial fines and reputational damage. It discovers Sensitive and Personal Identifiable Information within all types of structured and unstructured documents, produces intelligent reports to enable you to take actions. Providing automated processes for responding to Right to be Forgotten and Subject Access Request’s.

Why companies are investing in ScanR

  • Uses Artificial Intelligence based on Pattern Matching this ensures key word accuracy
  • Budget friendly we guarantee we can not be beaten on price
  • Simple to deploy no need for additional infrastructure
  • Up and running very quickly (usually in less than one week)

Watch the ScanR Video now.

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