Viewers of TheBusinessDesk’s ‘Gaining control of your business’ webinar were treated to 45 minutes of insightful data discussions, as panellists shared their experiences of remote working over the past few months.

Circyl’s Managing Director, Jason Betteridge, joined Charles Hassall and Reshma Sheikh, Managing Directors at Falcon Contract Flooring and Octavian UK respectively, to discuss how businesses had adjusted to the new working conditions.

Guests talked in detail about the importance of services like Microsoft Teams, in allowing colleagues to communicate and collaborate, despite being in different locations. There were also detailed discussions around the importance of capturing the right data at the right time to drive growth.

One of the most important issues explored during the webinar was business productivity, as panellists shared their thoughts and feelings on remote working and whether it had been successful in allowing employees to continue working as normal.

The availability of technology was cited as being one of the key reasons why remote working had been successful, with Jason and Charles using their recent work together as an example of how modern systems could be used to facilitate remote working.

At the end of the webinar, the guest panel answered questions given by the audience, who were interacting with the discussions throughout.

Jason Betteridge commented: “The webinar was an excellent opportunity for business owners to see how others were handling remote working and what improvements could be made to enhance productivity.

“The focus of the episode was on data collection and how businesses could use the information collected to identify business-enhancing trends.

“There were also some detailed conversations around the available solutions and how technology could be used to improve the remote working experience for all businesses.

“Overall, it was a successful event, and I’m sure viewers gained a lot of valuable insights from listening to the personal accounts that were given by the panellists.”

If you missed the webinar, then you can watch the entire episode via TheBusinessDesk’s YouTube channel, as featured below.