Over the past few years, SharePoint has been on a journey to reinvent the intelligent intranet across browsers, devices and its mobile app.

Modern businesses rely on cross-platform collaboration, and Microsoft has been helping organisations harness their collective knowledge by allowing them to work across various teams at the same time.

With an increasing number of clients now moving to the cloud through SharePoint, Microsoft has been listening closely to feedback, rolling out new features to improve the user experience for new and existing customers.

Through a process of innovation and improvement, Microsoft has delivered new value to SharePoint’s loyal userbase, which during an uncertain period, means operations can continue running smoothly despite more people working from home.

Multi-lingual publishing

With globally connected workforces currently accessing SharePoint sites from home, it’s crucial that employees can digest information easily, which means the content must be translated into the correct language.

This new feature allows site owners to extend inclusive experiences within SharePoint communication sites, using the language settings to enable the automatic translation of news.

Site owners can assign their own translators, allowing them to be notified when a new default language page is created, or existing page is updated.

These translators are responsible for adding their language’s content, so that site visitors will automatically see pages and news in their preferred language.

During a time when remote working is growing increasingly popular, this inclusive update is significant in allowing globally connected workforces to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Site Languages
Mobile themes and branding

Themes and branding in the SharePoint mobile app

From a business perspective, it’s important to build familiarity and continuity within your workforce, featuring company branding on work-related platforms, where appropriate.

While customising the theme of your SharePoint site isn’t necessarily a new feature, there have been issues in keeping the consistency across various devices.

With this update, admins can configure the options within the Microsoft 365 admin centre, selecting a logo image, navigation bar colour, text and icon colour and accent colour.

Once these have been set, the SharePoint mobile app will display your company theme and branding for workers within that tenant.

This feature is another way in which Microsoft aims to enhance cross-platform collaboration, bringing consistency across all its devices, no matter where information is being accessed from.

Formatting changes to SharePoint lists

Another significant update from the latest SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop relates to SharePoint lists and libraries, as owners can now use if/then logic to colour format rows and columns based on numerical data.

By adding variable conditions to the process, users can select which data they want formatted, giving them greater control over their information and the insights they deliver.

The result is an experience that draws attention to specific data, missing data or recent changes to data, as users have the flexibility to decide how their text appears using the enhanced rich text editor.

With this editor, text can be formatted through a variety of options, allowing users to display information as they want.

Again, this update improves the user experience by giving businesses the ability to highlight the data that is most relevant to their audience.

SharePoint Lists
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Remote working made smarter...

While social distancing measures are in place, businesses must learn to adapt to the new conditions, taking advantage of the technology around them to make working more efficient.

Like its other popular platforms, Microsoft implements SharePoint changes based on customer feedback, working closely with users to improve the service each month.

With these new updates, users can access the information they need remotely, with features added to help them uncover important insights and help their business deliver results during a difficult period.

If you’re interested in unlocking the true potential of SharePoint, then discuss possible solutions with our in-house team of experts.